Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Hot Dog Series

Happy Summer! 

What better way to celebrate this time of year then with a work weeks worth of hot dog inspired foods. That is 5 new ways to make the hot dog a part of your summer. You are going to love it, trust me.

Let's face it, for many of us the hot dog invokes happy childhood memories! It is so quick and easy to cook that the hot dog has become a staple at all backyard BBQs, camping trips and other summertime get togethers. It is a part of our American way of life!

I have to admit though that, in general, the hot dog is pretty boring.  Just look at it...

Sure,this log of meat may get spruced up with some ketchup and mustard but that is as crazy as it gets. Poor, poor hot dog!

This is a food that is screaming for some playful creations. So, I have dedicated an incredible amount of time and energy into sprucing up the hot dog. Well, maybe not an incredible amount. More like an hour or so.  I have already added some fun thinking to the dog in a previous post, Squid Attack. Remember?

Now, I will seek to amaze you with 5 new hot dog inspired concoctions.

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