Sunday, July 28, 2013

PB & J Sushi Roll

Sushi comes in many shapes and sizes; making any sushi dinner exciting. But why should raw fish have all the fun?  It is time to expand the roll that sushi plays in our everyday.

If you are a parent like me then you have made a zillion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The first one as plain as the last. Let's take that ordinary PB & J and make it fun. So make tonight a sushi night, minus the spicy tuna and wasabi of course. 

Don't forget to grab your chopsticks!

What you need:

Slice of bread, with crust cut off
Peanut butter (or another favorite nut butter)
Fruit leather


1. Spread bread with PB & J

2. Roll out Fruit leather and cut to width of bread

3. Tightly roll up bread slice; spread ends of fruit leather with peanut butter (this keeps ends stuck to bread.)

4. Let me see that sushi roll! Cut into 1 inch slices.



Learning to use chopsticks can be exciting for a young one. For this activity fill a bowl with puff balls, cotton balls or even marshmallows and have your kiddo pick them out by color or one by one.

You will probably have to tinker with your chopsticks so that youngsters (and many adults) can use them.

1. Take chopsticks out of wrapper.

2. Disconnect chopsticks and roll up the wrapper.

3. Find yourself a rubber band.

4. Place wrapper between top of chopsticks and wrap the rubber band around it to keep it in place (the paper will act like a fulcrum for the chopsticks to open and close easily.)

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  1. For a minute I really thought the sushi was sushi! I'm so excited to try this and to use the chopstick activity!