Welcome to my Playful Creations!

Let me introduce myself.... 

My name is Amy and I am the mom behind Playful Creations. Thank you for taking the time to look around my blog. I hope you find inspiration, fun and smiles. 

I am a silly stay-at-home mom to 2 of the most adorable, amazing little girls ever, Caroline (5) and Catherine (3)! Seriously, they are that cute! And of course, there is my handsome, rational minded, hard working husband that supports all of my idiosyncrasies. Even this blog! When I create a new recipe and it gets a smile out of him then I know it is good.  We live in Tucson, AZ with our 3 cats. 

I am not a trained chef, an artist, a photographer, or blogging expert.  I am just a mom with 3 Master Degrees and many stamps in my passport. Yes, I was many things before a mom... professional student, licensing 'guru', marathon runner, financial analyst. But that is all in the past. Due to 'mommy brain' or just exhaustion what I did before kids (BK) just doesn't matter anymore. To me, the only thing that matters now is making my children smile. 

What is this blog about anyways?

I am always thinking of new ways to entertain my kids. We have fun all day long, until mealtime. Food is just boring. Putting a plate of plain grilled chicken, green vegetables and a pile of mushy potatoes in front of a child does not get them excited at all! 

Most recipes out there that target kids are how to cook healthy for them. While healthy cooking is not what this blog is about. I believe cooking nutritious meals is very important (I try to get veggies in my kids whenever I can and I only go fast food out of desperation.)  But my goal is to make food fun. Sometimes this will be healthy and sometimes it won`t be. 

With this said, I believe mealtime can be one of the most creative times of day. With just a little imagination you can turn an ordinary meal into something spectacular. Spectacular enough to get your kids to eat their vegetables even! So, I started pulling together recipes from my imagination and beyond in hopes to bring more smiles during mealtime.

What I discovered is that the iconic hamburger can become something mysterious; that weekly spaghetti and meatballs can now have a face and a name, or be served for dessert; an everyday snack can become out of this world.

Using everyday ingredients that kids already like makes these recipes simple. The creative aspect is made as easy as possible. The idea is to have fun, not to bang your head against the wall.  These meals can be used at any time.  Maybe to celebrate an A in math or just because it is Wednesday.  And at the next playdate or birthday party these recipes are sure to provide their own entertainment.

But wait, there is more! With many of the recipes I have added a Food Play craft activity. The activity will tie in with the theme of the recipe. They are fun ways to get your kids involved in the meal or just to keep them occupied while you prepare your food masterpiece. It's a win-win for everybody!

Go ahead, play and create with your food.  And when you do, leave a comment on how it turned out. If it got a smile on your kiddo then I know I have done it right.


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