Welcome to my Playful Creations!

Let me introduce myself.... 

My name is Amy and I am the mom behind Playful Creations. Thank you for taking the time to look around my blog. I hope you find inspiration, fun and smiles. 

I am a silly stay-at-home mom to 2 of the most adorable, amazing little girls ever! Seriously, they are that cute! And of course, there is my handsome, rational minded, hard working husband that supports all of my idiosyncrasies. Even this blog! When I create something new and it gets a smile out of him then I know it is good.  We live in Arizona with our cat, Brady, and puppy, Samwise.

I am not a trained chef, an artist, a photographer, or blogging expert.  I am just a mom with a few Master Degrees and many stamps in my passport. Yes, I was many things before a mom... professional student, licensing 'guru', marathon runner, financial analyst. But that is all in the past. Due to 'mommy brain' or just exhaustion what I did before kids (BK) just doesn't matter anymore. To me, the only thing that matters now is making my children smile. 

What is this blog about anyways?

I am always thinking of new ways to entertain my kids (and myself.) 

This blog started with the idea that mealtime could be one of the most creative times of day. With just a little imagination you can turn an ordinary meal into something spectacular. Spectacular enough to get your kids to eat their vegetables even! I use everyday ingredients that kids already like makes these recipes simple. The creative aspect is made as easy as possible. The idea is to have fun, not to bang your head against the wall.  

But wait, there is more! We do a lot of crafting in our house. Sometimes my kids even join in. I have turned an entire room into my craft room filled with odd pieces of cardboard, PVC pipe, paints, brushes, more paints, hot glue guns, reams of coloured paper, letter stickers, scissors, glitter glue, google eyes, feathers, shaving cream, sharpies, old egg cartons, glass jars, toilet paper tubes, and even a jar of buttons. I have it all! 

All the things I create need to be shared. So welcome to my world! Try to keep up. 


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