Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Hot Dog Series: Banana Dog

Let the Summer Hot Dog Series begin!!

I thought I would start my week of hot dog inspired food with a banana. Not what you were expecting, huh? And that is what makes this all so exciting... expect the unexpected!

This is about as simple as it gets people. And I can attest to its utter tastiness. My almost 4 year old ate 1 1/2 of these the other night. And my 2 year old wolfed one down for snack (remember, she is a hobbit! See previous post for reference.) If that does not inspire you to try it out on your little one then I have nothing more for you!

So here's what it takes: hot dog bun, peanut butter and a banana. I added some cherries for pizzazz!

Spread peanut butter onto the bun.Then, to create a fun design on top of the banana add some peanut butter to a plastic baggie and cut one of the corners. Squeeze the peanut butter over the banana. Easy enough!

I did cut the Banana Dog in half to make it easier for little hands (just a suggestion!)

I also think this would taste amazing with Nutella (just another suggestion!) 


One happy hobbit about to enjoy her b-dog!

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