Saturday, May 31, 2014

Little Boxes

It has been an exciting few months! For the last year we have been trying to sell our house. Last month it finally sold and we moved into a new house. If anyone has ever tried to sell a house with toddlers you can appreciate what an enormous feat it was for me. Constantly keeping the house free of fingerprints on the glass and paint on the walls, not to mention the endless crumbs and dried juice on the floors. That playroom had to be converted back to the dining room (what a waste of perfect play space.) I dreamed of the day when we could live in our own filth. That dream has come! Lucky me.

We Moved!

During the last month there has been one real constant in my life... boxes. They were everywhere! Once I unpacked one 3 more would magically appear. We still have a garage of boxes to unpack yet we have everything we could possibly need. So the question becomes what is in those magically appearing boxes?!  I cannot answer this question but what it did provide me was inspiration for a perfectly fun snack: Little Boxes.


What you need:

  • watermelon (or cantalope or honeydew or all of them)
  • Peaches
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Bread Loaf
  • basically, anything that happens to be in your fridge that can be cut into squares
this is what I managed to put together


This is so simple that I almost dont need to provide instructions. However, I understand some of you may be sleep deprived so here goes... take whatever fruits, cheeses, breads and veggies you have gathered together and begin cutting into square pieces. Most will have rounded edges but dont you worry about that, just make a nice slice down the side to even it out. Voila you have a plate of little boxes!
Now for the fun part,  have you or your kiddo stack the boxes up into a tower or a house. Think of it as a food jenga! The different colors and textures will add a neat sensory experience too. The slimey watermelon, the sticky avocado, the smooth cheese, the dry bread... get stacking!

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