Monday, October 26, 2015

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

Halloween is a time when we seem to glorify the scary creatures come out at night to feast on any who dare to wander after dark. We decorate with tombstones, witches with warts and broomsticks, zombie attacks, blood, skeletons, ghouls, ghosts, oversized spiders, you name it... And we eat spooky looking food. It really is a weird holiday if you think about it!

Having small kids I keep Halloween decorations more on the cutsie side.  I convinced my 5 year old that zombies are trying to grab people because they like to give cold hugs. That RIP means "Read in Peace."  Ghosts are happy and friendly and like to keep us safe. Mummies are just people who got cold and needed to be wrapped up to get warm.  I think the only real Halloween thing that they are scared of are the spiders. But living in Arizona large, furry spiders are a real danger.  Add bats and scorpions to the list too.

Here are 5 fun Halloween treats to add something special to your Halloween.

1. Mummy Pizzas

I cut out a pizza man shape with the very versatile gingerbread man cookie cutter. Then I spread on some pizza sauce and criss crossed sliced mozzarella cheese on top. Add in some candy eyes for the ultimate mummy effect!

2. Spider Cakes

These bites were made with mini cupcakes and broken pretzel parts.

3.  Bagel Bites

You need an idea to make your Halloween morning  as easy as can be then check out these. I used google eyes from the craft store and those fun, fake dracula teeth that you can get at any market right now. No cooking is even necessary!

4. Used Band Aids

This snack was a big hit. The girls ate them up! Some grahm crackers, cream cheese and a dollop of jam created the ultimate boo boo treat!

5. Bloody Finger Hot Dog

I tried this one out on my kids thinking that they would get a laugh out of it. They were so grossed out by it. I thought it was pretty funny! If you want give someone the finger just be sure to cut the lines on the hot dog before boiling to get the real finger effect. The finger nail can be sliced off with a sharp knife after cooking.

**Trunk or Treat Idea**

Many schools and churches have a night of Trunk or Treating. This is when people decorate the back of their cars and the kids walk from car to car trick or treating. It is a safe and fun way for little kids to celebrate Halloween. 

This year at my kids school I decorated my car as Elsa's castle. As you can imagine all the little princesses loved it! I painted pumpkins for the theme as well. To top it all off my sister and I dressed up as Elsa and Anna to hand out treats. Seriously, I have never felt so popular in my life. Dressed as Elsa at a preschool was pure magic! 

"Let it go..."