Friday, September 13, 2013

P is for Pancake

At some point during our own socialization process we are indoctrinated to believe that pancakes have to be round. So what I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind. Are you ready for it? Pancakes DO NOT have to be round.  They can be shaped like a square or triangle, a star or a swirl, or better yet the ABCs. You can spell out your kiddos name, say 'thanks, ' 'I love you' or even better 'Happy Birthday.' The possibilities are endless here.
What you need:
  • pancake mix (yes, you can make your pancakes from scratch but I am all about simple here)
  • butter
  • plastic bag
  • scissors
  • syrup
Prepare the mix as directed on the box or based on great grandma's special secret family recipe.
Try not to make the mix too runny because it just makes a big mess.
Heat up your skillet on medium heat and add a tablespoon or 2 of butter.
Meanwhile, fill a plastic bag with the mix. And then snip off a small piece of the corner of the bag.
Now you can easily spell out your letters. Make sure that each of the lines in the letter are thick enough or they can easily break when you flip them over.

Have them cook until you see little bubbles forming on the top, usually about 2 minutes. Flip them over and cook the other side for a minute. 

Breakfast and a lesson on the ABCs are served. Drizzle with syrup and enjoy!
My daughter decided that her favorite letter is 'C' which is perfect as her name starts with 'C.'



Learning Your Letters

Kids all learn at different rates. Some are barely 3 and know all of their letters, how to play a piano and are star tennis players. Most kids are still grappling with the idea of the ABCs and are just happy to sing the song. Kids will learn what they learn when they are ready to learn it. Until then let's just have fun with our kiddos. Here is a fun matching game using letters.
My kiddo is still learning what the letters look like so I just used capital letters listed on a sheet of paper and then the same capital letters on little cut outs. If your child is older think about using capitals on one sheet and lower case letters on another.
If I had time and laminating paper I would have laminated these to ensure longevity. For now I put them in a large ziploc bag and bring it out at restaurants to keep my child entertained. Even if it is for 2 minutes that is 2 minutes of peaceful dining...just kidding, why the heck would I choose to go to a retaurant with a 1 and 3 year old!? That is just insanity!

Here is a swirly pancake just for fun!

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