Monday, September 2, 2013


It is Sunday morning in the Fall. That means the men in our lives are gearing up for a big day of neglecting the kids, the house and even you to watch football. Many of us have begrudgingly accepted this as just the way it is while secretly wishing we could spend a day based around our own wants and needs. (Ahhh..I am imagining that right now.... no dishes, no meals to prepare, no butts to wipe, no double team crying, no crumbs to sweep up...honestly though, I have no idea at all what I would go and do. Truth be told I would be lost without my babies.)

But back to the man of my life and his wants and needs. Reality is all he wants is bacon. And what better way to send him off with his Sunday NFL ticket then with bacon. So, here is the breakfast of ex-champions for you dear!

 What you need:
  • unbaked cinnamom rolls
  • bacon


Cook bacon. I put it in the microwave for ease of cooking and clean up. I line a plate with lots of paper towels then place bacon strips on it and then cover with more paper towels. Then I cook them for a minute per strip. If you want more crunchy bacon add on a minute or two.

And the best advice I can give you is that if you decide to cook the bacon on the stove top never, ever do it naked. You could get serious burns in all the wrong places and totally freak out your children!!

While bacon is cooking remove cinnamon rolls and unroll them. Then, once bacon is cool enough to handle place a strip on top of the unrolled cinnamon roll.

To reach bacon nirvana roll up that cinnamon roll around the bacon strip.

Bake according to cinnamon roll instructions, usually at 350 degrees for 15- 18 minutes.

These delicious baked treats will make him one happy boy! Oh, and Go Patriots!!

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