Friday, August 2, 2013

Banana Boat

Nutella, which we affectionately call 'chocolate spread,'  is a fan favorite in our house. If my daughter had her way she would eat gobs of it right off the spoon for every meal. As a good mother I lovingly spread it on a piece of whole wheat bread in hopes of providing a more well balanced snack. She of course eats off the spread leaving a mangled piece of bread behind.
This morning was going to be no different of course. And then, I decided to try a 'chocolate spread' sandwich with sliced bananas. It was delicious! As I sat there looking at the banana I realized that I had a new vessel for delivering the glorious Nutella. At worst I would find a mangled, mushy piece of banana left behind, probably smashed into the rug somewhere. At best I would get some fruit into that child of mine.

I quickly hollowed out the banana with a melon baller and filled it in with the Nutella. It was a moment of spontaneous genius! I had to take pictures of it to share with all of you. And yes, the pictures do look a bit creepy.
Hollow out the banana and fill in with nutella.

My daughter absolutely loved this! And she ate every bite of it. No smashed banana left behind!

So yummy!
Almost done and still wants more.


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  1. I discovered that if you put the filled banana in the fridge and let thenutella harden up a bit it is even more delicious!