Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Name, Same Fun


I am rebranding my blog.

I just wasn't a fan of the name and wanted something more creative. Luckily for my children I love their names and have not thought of rebranding them at all!

There are big plans in store for all these great recipes. I see cookbooks, TV appearances on the Disney Channel (let's face it, the woman they have on there now is awful... who thinks serving up baked cauliflower to a kid is a good idea?! Who is with me here?), and then my own show on Food Network (where are those cooking for kids shows anyways?!)

Look for some exciting changes coming up in the next weeks. And be sure to sign up to recieve my blog straight to your email. Seriously! When I become crazy famous you can say that you were with me from the beginning.

Gotta get back in the kitchen and start my next crEATion... and wash the pile of sippee cups staring at me right now.


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